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Antipasti (Starters)


Caprese                                                               £6.00

Mozzarella Cheese, sliced Tomato & fresh Basil with a

touch of Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Melenzane Parraiggiana                                    £7.50

Aubergines cooked in Tomato & Basil Sauce, Garlic

& Parmesan Cheese, baked in the Oven.

Stuffed Peppers                                                  £8.50

Peppers stuffed with breadcrums, Garlic, Parsley, Ham       

& Mozzarella Cheese & Baked. 

Calamari Piccante                                               £8.95

Pan Fried Squid in Olive Oil with Garlic, Onions, Parsley     

& Fresh Chilli, served with Tomato Sauce.


Calamari Fritti                                                     £8.95

Flour Coated Squid deep fried in Olive Oil.


Cozze Marinara               Starter £8.50   Main £14.50

Fresh Mussels cooked in White Wine, Garlic & Tomato Sauce.


Funghi Piccante                                                  £6.95

Pan fried Mushrooms with Onions, Parsley, Fresh Chilli,

Red Wine & Fresh Cream.


Funghi Alla Pizzeria                                            £6.95

Mushrooms Stuffed with Vegetables £ baked in the Oven

with Tomato Sauce, Garlic & Mozzarella Cheese.

Pesciolini                                                              £8.95

Fresh Whitebait, dipped in Four & Garlic and Fried Olive Oil.


Antipasto Italiano                                               £8.95

A selection on Salami, Parma Ham & Mozzarella Cheese

on a bed of Lettuce & drizzled with Olive Oil.


Zuppa Di Pesce (Fish Soup)                  Starter £9.95                                                                    Main £15.95

Fish Soup with Garlic, White Wine, Prawns, Squid,

Mussels & a touch of Tomato Sauce.


Gamberoni Dello Chef                                     £11.95

King Prawns cooked with Garlic, White Wine, Chilli, Bacon

in a Cherry Tomato Sauce.

Riccardo's Special                                               £9.95

Fresh Paste cooked with Onions, Garlic, Chilli, Ham, 

Chicken, Pepperoni, Smoked Wustel & Parmesan, finished with Tomato Sauce.

Pasta Course

Spagetti, Tagliatelle or Penne

cooked to order with your choice of sauce

Available as a Starter or Main Course


Al Pomodoro                                                     £13.95

With fresh Tomato & Basil Sauce.

Bolognese                                                         £13.95

With fresh Minced Meat & Tomato Sauce.

Carbonara                                                         £13.95

With Pan Fried Bacon & Fresh Cream.

Mare E Monti                                                    £13.95

With Mushrooms, Garlic, Parsley, Prawns, Cream 

& a touch of Tomato Sauce.

Marinara                                                            £14.95

With a selection of Seafood cooked with Garlic, White Wine, and Parsley in a Tomato Sauce with succulent King Prawns.


Assisi                                                                  £13.95

With Minced Meat, Onions, Bacon, Mushrooms, Cream 

& Tomato Sauce.


Arrabiata                                                            £13.95

With Tomato Sauce, Onions, Cilli & Parsley.

Capriccio                                                           £14.95

With Smoked Salmon, Mushrooms, Prawns, Garlic

& fresh Cream.

Al Salmone                                                        £13.95

With Smoked Salmon, pan-fried Onions, Parsley

& Tomato Sauce with a touch of fresh Cream.


Vegetariana                                                       £13.95

With a selection of Vegetables cooked in Garlic, fresh Cream and Tomato Sauce.

Meat Balls                                                          £13.95

With traditional homemade Meat Balls in Tomato Sauce.

Aglio Olio E Peperoncino                                £13.95

With Olive Oil, Garlic, Fresh Parsley, Chilli, Parmesan Cheese

& sprinkled with Breadcrumbs.

Al 4 Formaggi                                                   £13.95

With a selection of four Cheeses in a White Wine

& fresh Cream Sauce.

Fiorentina                                                          £13.95

With Spinach, Mushrooms, Garlic, Chicken & a touch

of fresh Cream in Tomato Sauce.

Al Funghi Porcini   £13.95

With pan-fried mixed Wild Mushrooms in Garlic,

White Wine & Cream Sauce.

Fresh Homemade Pizza (12")

All Pizzas are made with real Mozzarella Cheese & Tomato Sauce 


Pizza Margherita                                                £11.95

With Tomato Sauce & Mozzarella Cheese.

Pizza Al 4 Formaggi                                          £13.95

With a mix of four types of Cheeses.

Pizza Quattro Stagioni.                                     £13.95

With Mushrooms, Ham, Artichokes & Oregano.

Pizza Vegetariana                                              £13.95

With Artichokes, Onions, Mushrooms & Olives.

Pizza Giacalone                                                 £13.95

With Mushrooms, Ham, Wustel & Pepperoni.

Pizza Calzone                                                    £13.95

Folded Pizza with Ham.

Pizza Contadina                                                £13.95

With Mushrooms, Onions & Peppers.

Pizza Bolognese                                                £13.95

With Bolognese Sauce.

Pizza Campagnola                                            £13.95

With Aubergines, Mushrooms, Anchovies, Onions

& sprinkled with Parmesan Cheese.

Pizza Piccante                                                   £13.95

With Ham, Chilli & Oregano.

Pizza Al Prosciutto                                            £13.95

With Italian cooked Ham.

Pizza Del Chef                                                   £13.95

With Bacon & Onions.

Pizza Luna                                                          £14.95

With Prawns, Garlic Parsley.

Pizza Frutti Di Mare                                          £14.95

With Prawns, Squid, Mussels, Garlic, & Parsley.

Pizza Al Pollo.                                                    £13.95

With Fresh Chicken.

Pizza Veneziana                                                 £13.95

With Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Olives & Peppers.

Pizza Capricciosa                                              £13.95

With Ham, Pepperoni, Peppers, Mushrooms & Onions.

Pizza Italiana                                                      £14.95

With Ham, Wustel, Chicken & Pepperoni.

Pizza Toto                                                          £14.95

With Parma Ham & Rocket leaves sprinkled

with Parmesan Cheese & Olive Oil.

Pizza Sicilia                                                         £13.95

With Garlic, Capers, Olives, Anchovies, Mozzarella

Cheese & Oregano.

Main Courses

Filetto Dolce Latte                                           £24.95

Fillet Steak cooked in Red Wine, Cream, Onions

& Italian Blue Cheese.

Filetto Al Pepe                                                  £24.95

Succulent Fillet Steak cooked with Red Wine,

crushed Pepper, Onions, Garlic & Cream.

Filetto Al Funghi Porcini                                  £24.95

Fillet Steak cooked with Red Wine, Onions & Wild

Porcini Mushrooms with a touch of Cream.

Chicken Milanese                                             £18.95

Chicken in Breadcrumbs, fried in Olive Oil

& served with Spaghetti Bolognese.

Chicken Valdostana                                          £18.95

Pan fried Chicken Breast cooked with Onions, Parsley,

Ham & melted Mozzarella Cheese, served with

Tagliatelle Pasta.

Chicken Piccante                                              £18.95

Pan fried Chicken cooked with Cherry Tomatoes,

Garlic, Chilli & Basil, served with Spaghetti.

Chicken Italia                                                    £18.95

Chicken cooked with Porcini, Mushrooms, Onions,

Garlic, White Wine & Cream, served with Tagliatelle.

Gamberoni Fisa Fisa                                        £19.95

King Prawns cooked in Garlic, White Wine, Onions,

Chilli & Cream, served with Rice.

Tagliatelle Gamberone                                    £19.95

Tagliatelle cooked with King Prawns, Garlic,

White Wine Onions, Tomato & a touch of Cream.

Spigola                                                              £19.95

Grilled Sea Bass cooked with Garlic & served

with Salad & Sauté Potatoes.

All Main Couses are served with Sauté Potatoes.

A selection of Fresh Vegetables are on request £4.95

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